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ADT Security Services

ADT Security Services

Deciding to outfit your home or place of business with a security system is an important decision. Security systems warn you of potential dangers and give you peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones, investments and possessions are protected. When it comes time to choose a security company, the vast array of choices are often overwhelming to the consumer. With thousands of security companies to choose from, you want to make sure that you pick the right company for your budget and needs. You also want to make sure to avoid internet scams or companies that don’t live up to their claims. That is why many customers choose ADT Security Services as their security system provider. Backed by a money-back guarantee and a commitment to their customers, ADT Security Services is, without a doubt, the number one trusted security system provider in the country.


When it is time to choose a security system company you want to pick a company with experience and integrity. It is important that the company you choose be trustworthy and reliable, as you will need your security system in times when it really counts. ADT Security Services has provided quality security systems and service to their customers for over 130 years. ADT Security Services is the number one ranked security service company in the country. It is no wonder that over 100 U.S. airports and 90% of fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, government buildings and retailers use ADT Security Services as their security system provider. In the United States, over 500 million customers use and trust ADT.

Latest Technology

When surveyed, a group of convicted burglars noted that they would typically overlook properties protected by ADT. This is because ADT Security Services is up to date with the latest in burglar alarm technology. ADT Security Services also provides a range of other alarm monitoring services, including fire, flood and carbon monoxide monitoring, as well as medical emergency response. Alarm monitoring provides customers direct access to emergency services with the touch of a button. Utilizing wireless technology, ADT Security services also includes a back-up battery with every alarm system. If your electricity should go out, the back-up battery kicks in, and is able to run for days if needed. ADT Security Services offers systems with alarm features that start protecting your home or business at the property line. This feature monitors the property’s perimeter, notifying you if anyone comes onto your property, before they’ve had a chance to reach your home or business. These features also have smart sensors which are able to differentiate between animals and humans, to minimize the risk of false alarms. ADT Security Services also offers features that allow you to call your system to check your alarm status whenever you are away from your home or business. This feature allows you to go on vacation or business trips without having to worry about the security of your property.

Guarantees and Discounts

ADT backs their security services with a 100% money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your security system within six months of purchase. If you are not fully satisfied, ADT will refund your monthly monitoring fees, as well as any installation fees. This shows how certain ADT Security Services is of both the product, and the services they offer their clients. Additionally, homeowners who install an ADT security system in their home, make up the amount they have to pay in monthly monitoring fees with reduced premiums on their homeowner’s insurance. ADT Security Services customers save as much as 20% on their homeowner’s insurance. ADT Security Services also offers discounts for movers. If you decide to move within 2 years of purchasing a security system from ADT, you will receive a discount of up to 25% on new equipment and upgrades. ADT Security Services will also install a Premium Mover’s Security Package in your new home at no extra charge.

Trained Professionals

ADT Security Services offers a nationwide network of customer monitoring centers. As opposed to other alarm companies who rely on computers to monitor their customers, ADT employs and trains a staff of alarm monitoring professionals. The safety of your home, business and loved ones are trusted to a live team member who is watching out for potential alerts. ADT Security Services’ customer monitoring centers guard your homes and businesses seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With 24 hour monitoring, you can always rest assured that your home or place of business is safe. You will also be able to rest easy knowing that if one customer monitoring center should lose power or experience technical difficulties, ADT Security Services will immediately switch over to a backup monitoring center within their network. This ensures that your home or business will never escape the watchful eye of ADT.



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