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Wireless Alarms

Wireless Alarms

As technology continues to improve and grow, many companies in the alarm industry are transitioning from classic hardwired systems to wireless technology. With continuing advancements, wireless alarms are set to replace hardwired systems all together in the coming years. While there are many different kinds of local alarms and monitoring systems to choose from, a wireless alarm is the best choice for your home or place of business. Without complicated wires and hookups, wireless alarm systems are easier and cheaper to install. These systems also have fewer limitations than traditional hardwired systems.

How Does it Work?

Unlike a traditional hardwired alarm system, wireless alarms are not connected to the main power grid or phone lines of the home or building. This means that the system is capable of operating without power or if the phones go down, providing a higher level of security and protection. Instead, wireless alarms are equipped with radio transmitters. Using radio waves to communicate, a wireless alarm sends a signal that connects the alarmís control panel and sensors. If your system is equipped with an alarm monitoring feature, signals are sent to the alarm monitoring center in the event that the alarm is tripped. The radio signals emitted from wireless alarm systems are strong enough to communicate over hundreds of feet. This makes wireless alarms practical for large estates or businesses that want a hassle-free system that does not require the installation of hundreds of feet of wire.

Easy Installation

Hardwired systems are complicated and difficult to install, as they require a large network of wires to connect the alarmís control panel with multiple sensors. Wireless alarms save you this hassle with easy installation. Without the need for a complicated network of wires, wireless alarms do not require wire stripping, circuit testing or drilling into walls to find a connection. If you decide that you do not like the placement of your control panel and want to change its location, or if you want to add-on or expand your system, movement and adjustment is easy and simple. It is also easy to remove and take your wireless alarm system with you if you move to a new home or business location. Wireless alarm systems are so easy to install, that some people opt for do-it-yourself installation. However, for optimal security and protection, it is recommended that you have a certified alarm professional install your wireless alarm system. A certified professional can test your system and make sure that your wireless alarm is working properly. Certified professionals are also helpful to troubleshoot any technical difficulties.

Cheaper Installation

Wireless alarms are much cheaper than traditional hardwired systems. The system itself may be more expensive upon purchase, but due to the ease of installation, you save money in the long run on installation fees. Installations are faster, easier and less of a hassle, making the cost of installing a wireless alarm significantly cheaper than a hardwire system. Wireless alarms offer the same services as traditional wired systems, such as fire, flood and carbon monoxide monitoring, and emergency medical response. Advanced sensors that detect vibrations and breaking glass are also available. With the money you save on installation fees, you can purchase additional sensors, motion detectors and cameras, or invest in additional alarm monitoring services to further protect your home or place of business.

No Limits

In the past, people living or working in older, historical homes or buildings, and those living in homes constructed of complicated building materials, often had trouble installing hardwired alarm systems. Often, this meant less protection if you didnít want to alter or destroy walls to install wires for your alarm system. Wireless alarms eliminate this concern all together. These systems allow you to place wireless sensors anywhere, as radio signals easily penetrate through walls and all kinds of building materials. Without limitations you can be sure that your home or place of business is optimally protected with wireless alarms. When wireless alarms first came onto the market, some were afraid that burglars would be able to hack into wireless security systems and disrupt the signal. However, as technology continues to advance and improve, it is very unlikely that the common criminal can disrupt your wireless alarm. Most burglars are looking to get in and out of a place within a matter of minutes. A wireless alarm poses unwanted complications and calls attention to your property, making most burglars shy away from homes that are protected.



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