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Home Alarm

Home Alarm for Home Security

As you pack up to go away on vacation or business, and as you tuck your kids into bed and turn in for the night, you want to know that your house is safe and secure. No matter where you live, the safety and security of your home should be your number one priority. Even seemingly safe neighborhoods are subject to break-ins, fire, floods and other emergency scenarios that contribute to property damage and losses. A home alarm provides you with the security needed to keep you and your family safe when you are home or away from your house. Home alarms provide a broad range of protections and services. As technology develops, home alarms become more advanced, providing optimal security for your family and investments.

Primary Function

The primary function of a home alarm is keeping your house safe from the risk of break-ins. Most break-ins occur during the daytime hours while the majority of the country is at work. A burglars main goal is to get in and out of your house, grabbing as much as they can, as quickly as possible. Burglars do not like complications or attention that could potentially lead to their arrest. For this reason, many burglars pass over homes that indicate protection with a home alarm. Home alarms consist of a loud siren, also known as a local alarm. Sirens are installed on the interior or exterior of the home, or both. If someone tries to unlawfully enter your residence when the system is armed, home alarms produces a loud sound, drawing attention to your property. Some home alarms are coupled with alarm monitoring services, connecting the system to an alarm monitoring center. Home alarms with monitoring services offer the utmost security and protection. You can rest assured that your house is always safe and secure with 24/7 monitoring services.

Securing Your Home

Burglars use tools and physical force to break into your house. They look for weaknesses at various entry points around your home. During a break-in, no entry-way is safe, as burglars enter through front, back and side doors, as well as garage doors. They kick in windows, break glass to open locks, lift sliding glass doors off their tracks and crawl through basement windows and open or unlocked second-story windows. In many cases, burglars walk through open or unlocked doors, or find spare keys in typical hiding places, such as under the front mat, under flower pots, in magnetic boxes under mailboxes and near sheds or garages. Installing a home alarm secures all points of entry in your residence. Home alarms secure your home with sensors placed throughout your home. These sensors are connected to a control panel through a network of wires, or through wireless technology. When the sensors detect opening doors, windows, vibrations from lock tampering or breaking glass, they trip the alarm. If connected to an alarm monitoring center, a trained professional verifies the alarm and dispatches the authorities. Home alarms also come with yard signs and window decals which let potential intruders know that your home is secured. Burglars often skip over homes when they see they are protected with a home alarm.

Additional Monitoring

When purchasing a home alarm, customers have the choice of adding additional monitoring services to their home security package. These additional services increase the safety and security of your home. Comprehensive alarm packages reduce the chances of additional damage and losses, allowing you to save more money on your homeowners insurance premiums. Additional monitoring services include fire and smoke detection. Smoke and heat sensors trigger sirens and strobe lights in the event of a fire. They warn those on the premises to get out, and notify the alarm monitoring company to contact your local fire department. Carbon monoxide detection is another service which is highly recommended, as this deadly gas is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Other services include flood monitoring and heating and cooling monitoring, which notifies the homeowner if a pipe is about to burst, or if their heating and cooling system is about to go on the fritz. Many home alarms also offer emergency medical monitoring, providing panic buttons that contact paramedics in the event of a medical emergency.


In addition to a home alarm, there are other things to consider for beefing up the security of your residence. A home alarm is your second line of defense. You first line of defense are quality doors, windows and locks. Consider protecting your windows with window films. These films increase the durability of the glass in your home, allowing it to withstand more pressure and trauma per square inch, preventing someone from smashing your windows. Also consider talking to your local landscaper or gardener for implementing a landscape plan that reduces hiding places and incorporates more lighting. A smart landscape plan also increases the visibility of your home alarm yard signs and window decals.


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