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Burglar Alarms

Burglar Alarms

When the economy is unstable and unemployment is on the rise, petty crimes follow suit. This includes an increase in home invasions and burglaries. Thieves know that today, the average home is filled with items for which they can easily get cash. For this reason, many homes and businesses have chosen to protect their loved ones and investments by implementing burglar alarms. In fact, areas in which the majority of properties are protected by burglar alarms, see a decrease in burglaries and petty theft, as criminals are more likely to pass over homes and businesses that are protected.

Burglary Statistics

  • Homes without burglar alarms have a much higher risk of being robbed. Without a burglar alarm, you are three to four times more likely to experience a break-in.

  • As of 2009, 24% of all property crimes committed in the United States were burglaries. A burglar alarm does not completely protect against a break-in, but it does significantly lower the risk. In cases where homes with burglar alarms were broken into, 41% of the time, the alarm was not armed at the time.

  • During a burglary, forcible entry is used 60% of the time. Forcible attempts only fail 7% of the time. In 33% of burglaries, forcible entry is not needed. Burglars simply enter through unlocked doors and windows. Burglar alarms protect against forcible entry with special sensors that detect opening doors or windows, vibrations and breaking glass.

  • 70% of all burglaries committed in the U.S. are residential. During the hours of 10am and 3pm, a burglary occurs once every 14.6 seconds. This means that most burglaries occur during the daytime hours while people are at work. Night time burglaries are more likely to occur in office, commercial or industrial buildings. Installing a burglar alarm drastically reduces these statistics and prevents losses.

Loss Statistics

  • In 2009, the United States reported approximately $4.5 billion dollars in property loss and damage due to burglaries. On average a home or business without a burglar alarm loses about $2000 in property when a burglary occurs.

  • Burglars are fast and efficient at what they do. Burglars can easily wipe out a home or business in less than 10 minutes. Burglar alarms slow criminals and make them think twice about unlawfully entering a property. Burglar alarms also increase the chances that criminals are noticed or caught.

  • The first place that a burglar is likely to break into and raid is the master bedroom, as this room is typically filled with jewelry, hidden cash and electronics. However, this also raises the concern and fear, as you wouldn’t want to be caught sleeping as someone attempts to enter your home. Burglar alarms serve to warn residents and notify authorities in the event that someone tries to unlawfully enter the home. In the most extreme cases, burglar alarms save lives.

Who Needs a Burglar Alarm?

  • Ideally, everyone should outfit their homes and places of business with burglar alarms. However, it is understandable that budget constraints are often a concern. Fortunately, burglar alarms are typically low-cost. The cost of implementing a burglar alarm can save you hundreds or thousands in lost property in the event of a break-in. Burglars are more likely to pass over homes with burglar alarm protection.

  • To determine the likelihood of a break-in in your area, talk to your local police department of sheriff about crime statistics for your neighborhood. The higher the crime statistics, the more important it is that you install a burglar alarm in your home or place or business.

  • Burglar alarms are especially important for people with children or those living alone. A burglar alarm not only ensures your protection, but the protection of your loved ones. Burglar alarms are also important for homes or businesses that are isolated, as burglars look for places where they can attract as little attention as possible.

Benefits of Having Burglar Alarms

  • Burglar alarms reduce the chances of a break-in by startling and scaring burglars away. This limits potential damage and loss of property. In most break-in cases, a burglar is startled away from a home or business within 60 seconds of tripping a burglar alarm, or realizing that the property is protected.

  • Signs and decals given to you by your burglar alarm company are often enough to scare a burglar off your property. Be sure to place these yard signs and window decals in obvious and visible places, as most burglars pass over homes and businesses that they see are protected with a burglar alarm.

  • Homeowners who choose to protect their home by installing a burglar alarm reduce the risk of a loss, and therefore, save money on their homeowner’s insurance. Homes with burglar alarms save as much as 20% on their homeowner’s insurance premiums.



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