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Personal Protection


Perpetrators of violent crime are statistically more likely to move on to easier targets if their victims defend themselves with Mace, Tasers or a Personal Alarm”


In this section we attempt to explain your options regarding personal protection. There is currently a full range of non lethal personal security products so you will have many high quality options to choose from. In addition to a diverse range of products, we are able to give you highly competitive prices. This means that everyone can benefit from the protective capabilities that personal protection devices provide. Few things are more important in life than safety and security and yet many people fail to take the basic steps needed for effective self-defense. When you consider what is most important in life, your own safety and security should be made your number one priority. Making the decision to protect yourself from harm is the first vital step towards prioritizing your personal safety and ensuring that you remain safe. Taking the time now to buy an affordable and effective personal protection device may just save your life in the future. Don’t leave it until it is too late.


Why Should I Buy A Personal Protection Device?


The current crime statistics in our country today are deeply sobering and they mean that unfortunately, our world is becoming a far more dangerous place. Many normal and law abiding Americans living in ‘safe neighborhoods’ may suddenly find themselves in thrown into dangerous and violent situations that have terrible consequences. A personal protective device can empower you to prevent attacks, assaults or avoid the all too common experience of being mugged. We offer a comprehensive selection that includes mace, stun guns, tasers, personal alarms and hidden safes. These devices have the ability to effectively and legally protect you and your assets without causing permanent damage or injury to any potential perpetrators.Police and security experts globally confirm that personal protective devices can, and do, stop criminals and prevent violent crime.


Your Options At A Glance


Mace Pepper Spray

Mace Pepper Spray is a highly effective deterrent that swiftly disables and incapacitates individuals who may be attempting to steal your property or cause you harm. Mace is suitable for people of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels. Both men and women carry mace pepper spray with them so that they have the capacity to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situation. Mace contains fast acting chemical agents that, when sprayed in an attacker’s face, will cause extreme pain, tears and blindness. It is also used to stop bears and wild animals from attacking, in riots as a control weapon and as a tool for self-defense.



Stun Guns and Tasers

A stun gun is the self-defense weapon of choice for many people. Tasers instantly immobilize the attacker by causing a high voltage electrical surge to pass through their body. No serious or permanent injury is caused, however, stun guns and tasers are exceptionally effective and easily concealable. Our selection of highly reliable stun guns and tasers represent the ultimate in self defense devices.


Personal Alarms

A personal alarm emits an extremely loud sound in the event of an attack and will alert people in the immediate vicinity that you are in danger. Personal alarms will usually startle and disorientate criminals and cause them to flee. Police and security experts high recommend the use of the personal alarm to reduce the risk of assault, sexual attack, harassing phone calls or attacks by animals.


Hidden Safes

Professional thieves know exactly where to look to find valuables in a home when they break and enter. Hidden safes are expertly crafted to give the appearance of ordinary and everyday objects and can be concealed in the most ingenious locations to trick the even the smartest criminal mind.


Personal Protection Kits

Access the full range of personal protection devices and get maximum value for money with the comprehensive Being Safe At Home Survival Kit. You will receive a great range of devices precisely designed to secure your home and your personal safety, including an auto dialer, a diversion safe, various alarms, including the hugely popular UFO alarm and 2 containers of pepper spray.




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