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Home > News and Articles > Security Systems-The Benefits and Pitfalls to Wireless Surveillance

Security Systems-The Benefits and Pitfalls to Wireless Surveillance

Security Systems - The Benefits and Pitfalls to Wireless Surveillance

If you look around our society today you will find security systems all over the place. You can find them in bookstores, public buildings, schools, colleges, and various working places in order to protect those who are present. While this is a huge benefit there are still people who believe it's a violation of our human rights.

Whatever your take is there are several benefits to utilizing one. One of the most predominant areas where security camera systems are used is in law enforcement. Several law enforcers have an advantage over criminals when security systems are used. It's true that most major cities have more criminals than police officers, but these systems allow them to monitor everything. They are considered discreet and can help see minor parking violations, theft, murder, or anything else it picks up. Whenever there is illegal activity officers can be dispatched to the location quickly and have a better chance of preventing something terrible from happening.

When looking at all the options out there today, most of the security systems are wireless. This is a big difference from the regular fitted cable choice. Best of all it can be accessed over the Internet and provide the owner with a compression ratio of 5:1. There are other ratios that are higher, but they are more expensive. The benefit to these is you will be able to capture an image and transmit it to the monitoring or recording equipment. After everything is complete they are ready to watch and can even provide a date and time stamp. This is beneficial since it can provide concrete evidence in any trial. However, the majority of these are used for small areas and short term surveillance jobs.

Unfortunately where there are benefits there are pitfalls as well. One of the biggest disadvantages is that the hard disk space fills up a lot quicker than wired security camera systems. There could also be an issue with the taping if another piece of recording equipment happens to pick up the signal. Worst of all there are individuals out there who like to jam frequencies in security systems for fun or some sort of criminal purpose. We don't recommend using them for long term surveillance either because the battery life is shorter. This is because you will have to regularly change the battery.

In the end your budget will play a major role in which of these security camera systems you choose. The best thing you can do is enough research that will provide you with a comfortable choice. This is important because the whole process will be easier. Since money could come into play it's a good thing when you are trying to narrow down your choices and make an informed decision. Wireless security systems are much cheaper if you install them on your own. It alleviates the extra labor fees and provides you with the perfect system for your home. offers a wide-range of do it yourself security systems.

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