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Home > News and Articles > What to look for in a security camera

What to look for in a security camera

What to look for in a security camera

We tend to take matters of home security very seriously probably more than office security. And the reason is not that hard to see-there is a personal touch when it comes to domestic security. Your goal is to always have you and your loved ones protected in the best way you can. Even though you must work within a finite budget, your goal is to ensure that whatever gadgets you go for, they can do the job and do it well. One key aspect of domestic security is a security camera. Your choice of a security camera must be informed by a number of factors:


1.       The purpose of the security camera - Yes, you are looking for a camera to better your home's security. But what areas do you want monitored? Are you looking for more than one camera? Do you want the camera installed inside or outside the house? All these are key factors in your choice. For instance, the cameras installed inside your house have to be fitted in a way that is different from those on the outside. In addition, the color of camera's inside the house is important to make sure that they gel with the interior colors.


2.       Visual specs - Resolution is one key aspect in buying a home security camera. Look for a camera that is not too expensive but that still meets the resolution required to be able to view captured images and streaming video with minimal visual ambiguity. If you are not looking for super clear visuals, a VGA home security camera might not be a bad idea as it costs almost the same as a lower resolution camera. However, if you need even sharper resolution, consider going for mega pixel cameras. These are however much more expensive than the VGA cameras. Another key consideration is night vision. This type of camera would be great for places that are poorly lit but also comes at an extra cost. Waterproof cameras would only be suitable when you are considering a camera for the outdoors in an unsheltered area.


3.       Audio and Video - Confirm whether the camera captures not only video but audio as well. Not everyone will need that so do not go for a home security camera model with inbuilt audio microphones if you do not require audio features. Remember that each feature has a cost element to it and you do not want to pay extra when you do not need to do so. Many people are hesitant of putting up a camera with audio due to legal implications when it comes to infringing on people's privacy especially if you install it outdoors in a place where many people not necessarily coming to your house may pass through.


4.       Manual or Automatic Operation - Older camera models required manual preset of visual focus and motion. Modern home security cameras not only allow you to make these changes manually, but also allow you to set the camera on auto where it can zoom on moving objects without manual intervention.


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