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7 Reasons to Invest in a Security Alarm

When thinking about emergencies like fire and theft, many people have an attitude of, it could never happen to me. Unfortunately that is the wrong attitude to have when it comes to your personal safety, the safety of your loved ones and your hard earned possessions. Even if you believe your home or place of business resides in a safe area, a security alarm is an investment that protects your investments. Ultimately, when faced with a dangerous situation, a security alarm saves lives. If you are unsure if a security alarm is right for you, or if you are worried about the expense, here are 7 reasons to invest in a security alarm.

1. Peace of Mind

A security alarm gives you peace of mind knowing that your home or place of business is protected each time the system is armed. There are two kinds of security alarms; local alarms, which project a loud siren to warn those in the vicinity when the alarm is tripped, and alarm monitoring systems. Alarm monitoring systems connect your security alarm with an alarm monitoring center, which monitors your home or place of business, 24/7 for alerts. In the event of an alert, the alarm monitoring center contacts the proper authorities. Both system types allow you to rest easy knowing that your property is protected not matter if you are away or on the premises.

2. Sensors

A security alarm comes with special sensors that are placed throughout the home or building. These sensors register opening doors and windows, vibrations and breaking glass. Depending on the security alarm you choose, there are systems that come with infrared motion detectors, smoke and gas sensors, or sensors that detect problems with your plumbing, heating and cooling systems. These sensors let you know if someone has unlawfully entered your property, or if another emergency such as a fire, flood or gas leak occurs. Even the most basic security alarm package comes with a few sensors, meaning you do not have to purchase them separately, unless you want to add-on to your system.

3. Local Alarm Sirens

The most basic security alarm available for purchase is a local alarm. Local alarms emit loud sirens when one of the sensors is triggered. Depending on the security alarm package you purchase, a local alarm may or may not come with alarm monitoring services. Regardless a local alarm is a good investment. Interior and exterior sirens notify those on the premises and those in the vicinity that an emergency has occurred. Loud noises draw attention to your property, and often scare burglars away before they have had a chance to enter your home or place of business. Burglars do not like complications or attention, and often skip over places that are protected.

4. Alarm Monitoring Services

Security alarms also come with the option of alarm monitoring services. Alarm monitoring services increase the safety, as the security alarm is connected to an alarm monitoring center, which monitors your home or place of business 24/7 for alerts. In the event of an alert, the center calls to verify an emergency and ask for a pass word. If no one answers, or if an incorrect password is given, the alarm monitoring center dispatches emergency officials that correspond to the type of alarm.

5. Range of Services

Security alarms provide a range of services, allowing you to tailor the kind of monitoring or alarms you implement in your home or place of business. While standard security alarms come with burglar alarms and monitoring, others include services like fire, flood and carbon monoxide monitoring. Other services include emergency medical response. With a wide range of services available you can choose what you want to spend your money on, and what is necessary for your home or place of business.

6. Reduce Losses and Save Lives

A security alarm notifies you of an emergency before things get out of control. Security alarms frighten burglars away or make them think twice about unlawfully entering your property. They notify you of fires and deadly carbon monoxide gas and they notify you if a pipe is about to burst. These notifications and alarms save lives and reduce losses, as emergency officials are allowed faster response times. They also prevent you from entering into a dangerous situation. With a monitoring security alarm, the minute the alarm goes off, the alarm monitoring center contacts you. This can prevent you from walking into your home or place of business while a burglary is in process.

7. Save Money

Because a security alarm reduces losses in the event of a fire, flood or break-in, you will save money having to repair or replace costly property and possessions. Homeowners also benefit by implementing a security alarm. Homeowners insurance companies respond to the installation of a security alarm by lowering their premiums. Homeowners save as much as 20% on their homeowners insurance when they install a security alarm in their home.


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