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Security Camera Monitor
Item Id: xx19a_3cam_lowest_limited
Security Camera Monitor
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"With four cameras, I can just flip on my PC and see every corner of my house day or night."

 4-Camera Low-Light PC/Web Surveillance System


Here's the beauty of this complete surveillance system: If you're home and hear a noise, simply check on your PC to see who or what it is. If you're away, you can get online from any computer in the world, enter your password and view all four of your cameras LIVE! Even cooler, your spouse can get on from another location - multiple people can view your secure feed as long as they've got your password! It's perfect for when you're at the office or out of town! Plus, you can even set it up to email you snapshots throughout the day so you will always know what's going on at home! It can even email your cell phone snapshots so you can check up on your home from absolutely ANYWHERE!

This system normally retails for $692.91. But today, it's yours for just $284.98  get:

Let's start with the four NightWatch Low-Light Cameras. These tiny, wireless cameras work perfectly in broad daylight or at night. They wirelessly transmit crisp, clear video right to your PC. Simply open up the Premium Vanguard software program on your PC and view your cameras LIVE! Mount one camera above the front door to see who's knocking before you answer at night, mount one to watch over your car 24 hours a day, pop one in the backyard to keep an eye on things and one anywhere else you need surveillance - the garage, shed, basement, kid's room and more. These cameras are weather-resistant, so you can stick them anywhere!

Monitoring your cameras at home is just the beginning of what the PREMIUM Vanguard Internet Control Software can do. Not only can you monitor your cameras LIVE on your TV, but you can watch and control from your home PC or via the Internet from anywhere in the world. Get online while on a business trip and check to see that your home and family are safe and sound. Get online from work to check and see if your package has arrived or to see if your spouse got home on safe and on time. However you use it, you will gain peace of mind with a live, secure window into your home at any time.

And since we're not all high-tech guys, you'll be happy to know this: You can get going in less than 30 minutes with nothing but a screwdriver! It comes with everything you need, meaning you don't need to go out and buy any expensive video cables. Since it's a wireless video system, it couldn't be easier!

Warranty: 1 year


  • View all four cameras LIVE on your PC
  • Get online from anywhere in the world and view all four cameras LIVE
  • Watch over your home 24 hours a day - Low-Light Cameras work 'round the clock
  • Cameras are weather-resistant - set them up anywhere, indoors or out
  • Software will email your smart phone snapshots throughout the day so you always know what's going on at home
  • No contractors needed for setup - set it up yourself in less than 30 minutes

 What's included:
List Price
1 Wireless PC Transceiver (CM19A)$49.99
1 X10 Premium Vanguard Camera Software (SW26A)$149.99
1 Wireless Transceiver (TM751)$12.99
1 Hi-RES USB Video Capture Adapter (VA12A)$79.99
1 Wireless Video Receiver (VR36A)$39.99
4 NightWatch Wireless Low-Light Video Camera (XX20A)$359.96
NOW ONLY:284.98

Consumer's Digest SealHow can we offer this great home solution at such a low price?

For years, X10 has designed and manufactured cutting edge home automation & surveillance technology. By ordering direct from X10 Package Deals - you get unbeatable low prices from a name you can TRUST!

Get to know your camera system...

4 Low-Light/Daylight, Wireless, Tiny Security Cameras that work 24 hours a day in nearly any lighting condition! ($359.96 value)

View Your Security Cameras from Anywhere in the World with the Vanguard Internet Control Center Software ($149.99 value)


Turn 100 feet into 100 miles and more. Now, instead of seeing LIVE video from your security camera network at up to 100 feet away, you can watch the action from anywhere in the world! Just like being there, you'll see full-motion video from your home or business anytime you want.

Your Internet Control Center Software works great with any connection speed - T1, Cable, DSL, and even dial-up! You can even adjust picture quality and frame rate for the best experience. And, as you would expect, you can enter a password for completely secure access.

Finally, your Internet connection is about to really pay off!

"I went on a vacation to Tahiti, and was able to check up on my home with a couple clicks of my mouse! The Vanguard Software is truly amazing!"

-Judy S.

Davis, CA

With Vanguard Internet Control Center Software, you can easily switch between as many as eight cameras and see multiple views all at the same time. The active video window shows LIVE video while all others display a snapshot of the most recent image at that location.

Change your active window with just one click! Or, set an amount of time to scan between your security cameras and then sit back and watch as everything works on autopilot.

This is the complete multi-camera monitoring solution you've been waiting for! All you need is a Windows-based PC and you're ready to go!

Wireless Video Receiver connects to TV or PC, receives video feed from camera and displays crisp and clear LIVE video on your screen! ($39.99 value) 


Transceiver included for switching between cameras as you watch on your PC! ($12.99 value) 


PC Transceiver receives signals from your Remotes and Motion Sensors and allows your Vanguard PC/Web Software to function fully! ($49.99 value) 

Connect your Video Receiver to your PC with a standard USB video adaptor ($79.99 value) 





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