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Spy Security Cameras
Spy Security Cameras
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Complete 3-Camera System with FREE 5-Piece Home Automation BONUS


This Complete 3-Camera PC/Internet System is at the LOWEST IT CAN GO!

That means no bargaining, scouring the Internet for special deals or going back and forth on price - you already know you're getting the best price around!

Three cameras, both Low-Light and full color included, PC/Internet monitoring software so you can see your home from anywhere, motion-activated recording and more!

We're even including a FREE 5-Piece Home Automation BONUS! You'll be able to control your lights by remote from anywhere in the house!

You get two Socket Rocket Screw-In Lamp Modules for control of lamps, overhead lights, wall sconces, etc. Plus, you get a Wireless Wall Switch that you can stick anywhere, and a tiny Keychain Remote to control the lights as you leave/arrive.

The Camera System includes three tiny, wireless cameras! Two of them are Low-Light cameras, which function perfectly in nearly any lighting situation. That means you get 'round-the-clock surveillance! The third is a vivid, full color camera.

The beauty of this system is that you can use it whether you're home or not. If you're home, simply turn on the TV, hit input, and you can switch between all three of your cameras with the touch of a button!

With the included Vanguard Software, if you're away, you can get online from any computer in the world, and view all three of your cameras LIVE! It's perfect for when you're at the office or out of town! Plus, you can even set it up to email you snapshots any time motion is detected around your home!

And that's just the beginning! Even if you're nowhere near a computer, you can rest easy knowing your surveillance system is doing it's job. With motion-activated PC recording, any time someone sets foot on your property, their every action will be captured on your hard drive! How's that for security?

This system does it all! And the price can not be beat! Get it all today for the SUPER LOW PRICE OF ONLY $169.99!

Warranty: 1 year


  • Get online and view your home LIVE from anywhere in the world
  • Capture all the action with motion-activated PC recording kit
  • Watch over your home day and night with Low-Light cameras
  • Watch your cameras on your TV, PC or online
  • Control your lights with the click of a remote - 5-piece bonus lighting kit included
  • Totally easy to set up and expand with additional X10 gear

What's included:
List Price
1 Wireless PC Transceiver (CM19A)$49.99
1 Camera Remote Controller (CR12A)$29.99
1 FREE SlimFire Pocket Remote (KR19A)$19.99
2 FREE Socket Rocket (LM15A)$39.98
3 EagleEye Motion Sensor (MS14A)$74.97
1 Slimline Switch Decorator White (SS13A)$19.99
1 Vanguard Control Center Software (SW26A)$149.99
1 Small Wireless Transceiver (TM751)$12.99
1 USB Video Capture Adapter (VA11A)$69.99
1 Small Video Receiver (no audio) (VR36A)$39.99
1 ScanCam with Addressable Power Supply (XX11A)$109.99
2 NightWatch Wireless Low-Light B/W Video Camera (XX20A)$179.98
NOW ONLY: $254.98

Get This 3-Camera Wonder System Order Today!Component
The X10 Security Camera - $129.99 TODAY ONLY!

1 XCam2 InstantON Color Video Cameras (With Power Supplies)
These tiny camera is always ready-XCam2 InstantON Color Camera X10's Complete Home and Small Business Wireless Security Camera Solution. Broadcast crystal clear COLOR video up to 100 feet through walls & floors to any TV! InstantON means that there's no warm-up time when turning on the camera or switching between camera views!



2 NightWatch Low-Light Video Cameras (With Power Supplies)
The NightWatch Low-Light Camera is the perfect surveillance solution in places where the lighting conditions are less than ideal - requiring 3X less light than an ordinary camera. What you get are clear, vivid camera images - Day or Night!



Camera "Video-Only" Receiver (With Power Supply)
Now you can transmit crystal clear video from your X10 wireless surveillance camera and view it LIVE on your TV/PC and record it on your VCR or PC hard drive. This sleek black receiver is so tiny it fits nearly anywhere! Send wireless video up to 100 feet through walls & floors to any TV or PC! Easy to Set Up! Even Easier to Use!



The ScanPad Remote - Scan Between Camera Views                                  This sleek remote fits snugly in the palm of your hand and allows you to easily control and scan between cameras, with just a click of the button! Also control your lights & appliances from this versatile remote. Control up to 16 lights and appliances remotely. Dim and brighten control for incandescent lighting. Battery operated, RF transmission, 100' range. 



PC/Internet Monitoring & Control
Vanguard Internet Control Software
Add PC & Internet power to your Pan/Tilt Ninja Camera Mount! With the Vanguard Internet Control Software, no matter where you are, you can now control a Ninja-mounted camera to pan and tilt with the click of a mouse. Plus, you can view LIVE video from your camera on any computer in the world with an Internet connection! Wherever, Whenever! Complete PC connectivity kit included!



SlimFire Pocket Remote
X10's keychain remotes have long been a favorite for control and convenience. The SlimFire turns on and off two lamps or appliances and brightens and dims lights connected to any X10 Lamp Module or Wall Switch Module


3 EagleEye Motion Sensors
Now you can get Complete Motion-Activated Digital Video, captured right to your PC! Whether you're home or away, it's the ultimate Video Evidence Kit. Simply place a motion sensor near every camera and you'll catch all the action from your multi-camera system right on your computer - on ANY PC, ANYWHERE!



Wireless Transceiver Module
The powerful Transceiver Module allows you to control any X10 camera system by remote. Now you can turn your cameras on and off or switch between multiple camera views with the click of a button on your X10 remote.



Ultra-Slim Switches
Have you ever wanted a light switch in a certain location, but didn't want to rip a hole in a wall and connect electrical wires? Now X10 has come to the rescue with the ALL NEW Ultra-slim Stick-a-Switch  wireless wall switch! This super sleek, super thin and light weight, wireless remote wall switch adheres to any surface! Easy single push-button programming has your Stick-a-Switch set for each button to control a different lamp or appliance! Now you have the dream switch you always wanted, in the perfect location!





A great addition to any X10 system. Control a lamp AND a light fixture, requiring a normal light bulb, from across the room or the other side of the house. Remotely control a light fixture just screw it in. Easy to install because it's wireless!



Total Value:


 Monitor Your Home From Anywhere in the World!
Imagine going away on vacation or traveling on business and being able to get on your laptop at the hotel to check on your home. Or simply logging on to your computer at work and being able to see your family at home or check to make sure you'd remembered to turn off the lights.

Monitoring your home in today's world is not just about protecting your possessions, it's about peace of mind and reducing the stress and anxiety of being away from your home and loved ones. With this versatile 4-Camera Daylight/Low-Light Surveillance Package with instant-on technology, low-light and remote pan and tilt capability, you can check in on your home and loved ones from any PC with internet access in the world!

Leave behind those days of wonder and worry! 
Start your journey to affordable home monitoring and video surveillance!

Plus, combine that with the pan-and-tilt control of the included robotic mount that you can control remotely via computer, and you've got the ultimate surveillance system if you're on the go!


Need an extra set of eyes? Just add one of your included motion sensors. When you do, you'll instantly open up a whole host of automated events that can be triggered. Anytime motion is detected, you can do all of the following:

  • Activate a specific camera
  • Send an instant e-mail notification to yourself
  • Start recording live video or still images
  • Turn on a light or other X10 device
  • Send the video recording or image stills by FTP after motion stops

    The software makes adding motion detectors to your camera network a breeze. Simply click on the Motion tab and you'll see each type of detector you can add along with those that are already part of your network.



The tape has been replaced. Given the massive size, speed and low cost of today's PC hard drives, it's no wonder everyone is moving towards digital recording. Of course, when you compare the benefits of digital recording vs tape it's even more obvious.

  • Save time reviewing video being able to instantly access any point in time
  • Reduce costs of replacing old tapes or servicing video recorders
  • See and easily print crystal clear still images
  • Get virtually unlimited recording time based on hard drive size
  • Preserve images forever as quality does not degrade over time

    And the list goes on. Vanguard Internet Control Center Software gives you total control of how you record from your camera network. Pick the video image size, quality and frame rate that fits your needs. Automatically capture snapshots at intervals from 5 seconds up to 1 hour and set how often you scan between the cameras in your network. You can even start recording of live video or take snapshots manually while at your host PC or while viewing over the internet.

    Everything you capture includes a precise time and date stamp. And, when you add one of X10's motion detectors to your network, you'll even see exactly when the motion occurred.

Review Complete History
From Your Entire Camera Network At One Convenient Location - Your Desktop!

Now, seeing what happened while you were gone is easier than ever! The History view lays out all the action in an easy to read timeline. You'll see thumbnails of all your snapshots, indicators of live video as well as all the motion alarm events. 

Discover what you've been missing while you've been away! But Don't Wait! 
Need even more info about Vanguard Internet Camera Control Software?

No Warm-Up Time with InstantON Technology!


Full Color Wireless Video
Right to Your TV!

No Warm-up Time with InstantON Technology: 
X10's Multi-Camera Surveillance systems just got a lot "smarter & easier" with InstantON. That means clear, pictures 100 percent of the time - no warming-up necessary!

Sets up in only 15 Minutes! Easy to Use Because these cameras are wireless, simply place each camera in any area you want to watch over. Plug the Video Receiver into your TV! The signals from each camera are automatically sent to your TV (or VCR if you want to record the action). 

The XCam2 integrates a COLOR analog video camera and 2.4-GHz transmitter into a single device that fits in the palm of your hand. You can add multiple cameras and scan between the cameras like changing channels on your TV. You now get "instant" high quality crystal clear images!

 Take the Mystery out of Low-Light Conditions!

X10 Low-Light Surveillance Camera with Infrared Motion Detection - $99.99 TODAY ONLY!The NightWatch can "see" in 3X less light than standard security cameras, so it's perfect for any areas with less-than-perfect light! Watch over your front and back doors, carport or backyard hot tub. 

The NightWatch's specially-designed optical sensor works hard to deliver brilliant pictures in dim lighting situations - even moonlight supplies enough light to ensure quality pictures from the NightWatch Camera. You'll be equally pleased with the crystal clear quality it delivers in normal daylight, too! Broadcast directly to your TV or VCR with the included Video Receiver.


FREE Shipping on X10 Infrared Security Cameras
Who's at the front door? 
Finally...the pizza's here!

What was that noise? 
Get the drop on any potential car thief!
FREE Shipping on X10 Infrared Security Cameras
FREE Shipping on X10 Infrared Security Cameras
Is the baby sleeping?
NightWatch can help YOU get a good night's sleep.
Is the stock room secure? 
Don't let your profit go out the back door!
FREE Shipping on X10 Infrared Security Cameras


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