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Surveillance Security Systems
Item Id: ds6999_ed_megadoor_9606_up0
Surveillance Security Systems
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Sold separately, you would pay more than $500 for this HUGE 23-piece system. Order today and you can get it all for only $194.98! Wow!

Qty:23-Piece BIG ProtectorPlus Home Security System Retail Price

3Home Security Decal - Window Sticker (MM024) $29.97 

1Lamp Module (LM465)

10Door/Window Sensor (DS10A) $199.90 

1Security Motion Detector (MS10A) $49.99 

1PowerHorn Siren (SH10A) $31.99 

1Security Surveillance Window/Yard Sign (6 5/8 x 10.5) (MM023) $19.99 

4Security Keychain Remote (KR10A)

1Voice Dialer Console (PS561)

1Security Remote Control (SH624)
NOW ONLY: $194.98


Here’s how it works: 

Since there are no wires, you can install the whole system yourself in less than 30 minutes! Plug your Voice Dialer Console into a power outlet and a phone line. Place a Door/Window Sensor at each entrance and mount your Motion Detectors where you need them most inside your home. Next, plug one of your lamps into the Lamp Module. Then, activate all of your sensors and detectors with the touch of a button. That’s it! You can relax knowing your home is safe! 

You get all this for only $194.98:

  • Voice Dialer Console - This is the heart of your Home Security system! When your alarm is tripped, it sounds the 95 db alarm (as loud as a bulldozer!) and automatically dials up to four of your emergency contacts until someone answers. It'll even call your own cell phone! 
    This retails for $49.99 by itself!
  • 10 Door/Window Sensors - Now you can keep all your entrances secure! Use the Door/Window Sensors to keep a total of 10 entrances to your home protected! 
    These sell for $199.90 when bought separately!
  • PowerHorn Siren - The PowerHorn Siren is a great way to make sure the whole neighborhood knows when your alarm is tripped! With 105db of power (as loud as thunder), you can use it to add some extra volume to your Home Security System. That way, everyone is sure to hear your alarm sound and know that there is a problem! A retail value of $31.99.
  • Lamp Module - Take total control of one of your lamps with this handy accessory! Now, when your alarm sounds, you and your neighbors will be alerted by the blaring siren AND flashing lights. You can even turn your lamp on and off by remote, so you'll never have to enter a dark house again! 
    This retails for $12.99!
  • Motion Detector - Use these awesome Motion Detector inside your house to be alerted of any movement. When someone walks by one of them, your alarm will sound! 
    This is a bargain at its normal price of $49.99!
  • Security Remote Control - This is what all those other security systems are missing! With this handy remote, you can arm and disarm your system from anywhere in the house! 
    This awesome remote sells for $26.99 alone!
  • 4 Security Keychain Remotes – No confusing security codes to remember! Simply arm and disarm your system with these Keychain Remotes! You can even use them to turn on house lights or use the Panic Button to sound your alarm in an emergency! 
    These usually sell for $79.96!
  • 3 Window Sticker Security Decals – Stick these on the windows at your house to let everyone know that you’re protected! 
    These sell for $29.97 alone!
  • Security Window/Yard Sign – People will think twice before the mess with your home! Put this sign in your yard or window to warn intruders that they are being watched! 
    With a retail price of $19.99, this is a must-have!
That’s a value of $501.77. But you aren’t going to pay anywhere near that. If you order today, you re going to get this incredible Home Security System for just $194.95! But, you must order now!

Home Security

$400? No way! $300? Not even! $200? Try again!

Home Security
Home Security System
X10 3 Window / Door Sensors
X10 3 Window / Door Sensors
X10 Wireless Motion Sensor
X10 Wireless Motion Sensor
X10 Security System Remote
X10 Security System Remote
X10 3- Keychain Security Remotes
X10 3- Keychain Security Remotes
X10 3 - Wireless Motion Detectors
X10 3 - Wireless Motion Detectors
X10 6 Door / Window Sensors
X10 6 Door / Window Sensors
X10 Door / Window Sensor
X10 Door / Window Sensor


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